Administrative Team

CyFalls Admin Team
Left to Right Front Row: Kyle Parsons, Associate Principal; Becky Denton, Principal; Renee Barbe, Director of Instruction 2nd Row: Patricia Charron, Asst. Principal; Wanda Figueroa, Asst. Principal; Lora Shiery, Asst. Principal; Jill Divirgilio, Special Ed Admin; Ashley Hardin, Asst. Principal; Christy Taylor, College and Career 3rd Row: Wanda Wright, AAS; Stacy Stringer, AAS; Darci Banas, Nurse; Araceli Salinas, Counselor; Cynthia Heldring, DI Helping Teacher 4th Row: Kevin Tompkins, Asst. Principal; Kaitlyn Padgett, Counselor; Chris Love, Asst. Principal; Brian Kratky, Asst. Principal 5th Row: Beverly Horner, Testing Coordinator; David O’Loughlin, Head Athletic Trainer; Nicole Rao-Flores, Counselor; Chris Brister, Athletic Coordinator 6th Row: Lori Battaglia, Lead Counselor; Mary Kay Chapman, Counselor; Shonda Taylor, Counselor; Lakeisha Frank, Counselor; Kristi Kitterman, Counselor , and Kristi Macat, Counselor (not shown)

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